House Friendraisers

Host a House Friendraiser party in your home. The Friendraiser is an inspiring evening with a view into one of the Jacksonville’s most significant environmental and conservation organizations. At the event, you’ll hear from members of the Green Team who connect conservation and resiliency principles to their environmentally challenged neighborhoods, develop STEM competencies, build environmental stewardship traits, and prompt environmental empathy. House Friendraisers are fun, easy and a great way to raise money and friends to support Groundwork Jacksonville’s vision for turning Jacksonville’s most environmentally challenged neighborhoods in Jacksonville into the greenest, most resilient and desirable zip code in all of Northeast Florida.


Why Sponsor?

  • Groundwork Jacksonville provides amazing value for money
  • We are more accommodating, responsive and flexible in accommodating your requests.
  • You are seen as a grass roots supporter
  • Meet people and network

Groundwork Jacksonville has several sponsorship opportunities for you and or your business:

  • Green Team: Shirts, water bottles, tools
  • Adoption of the S-Line
  • Title Sponsor of the Public Market