McCoys Creek Traffic Impact

The project has been planned to ensure residents and businesses have access to their property both during and after construction. There are a few properties that will be permanently impacted by the closure of McCoys Creek Boulevard. The City, in partnership with Groundwork Jacksonville and the North Florida Land Trust, is working with each of these property owners to develop practical solutions.

The majority of McCoys Creek Boulevard has been removed making Edison Avenue, Stockton and Forest streets the main travel routes to and from the community. However, McCoys Creek Boulevard remains open from Cherokee Street to Fitzgerald Street providing access to McDuff Avenue, and from Claude to Goodwin streets to provide access under the railroad crossing. Traffic studies showed that the alternate routes will create no more than a 20 percent increase in traffic โ€”below the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) capacity guidelines โ€” and will have minimal impact on emergency response time. Residents should also see fewer commercial vehicles traveling through the neighborhood.