Green Team 2021-22 Fellowship Project Description

Spring Fellowship - Earth Day A Celebration of Stewardship

Green Team Spring Fellows will work with partner organizations to plan the 2nd annual Earth Day A Celebration of Stewardship event on the S-Line Rail Trail on Saturday, April 23 from 10am - 1pm. Fellows will learn how to develop an event from vision to completion. Together they will develop a budget, recruit vendors, design workshops, market the event, and manage the logistics of a four hour community event.

Green Team Fellows will take on leadership roles to manage specific aspects of planning the event and managing the logistics during the event. After nine-weeks Fellows will have an in depth understanding of what it takes to create a community event.

Fall Fellowship - Project Pollinator

This fall the Green Team will be focusing on pollinators and their relationship to our ecosystem. In the first few weeks, the teens will plant a pollinator garden in the Biodiversity Corridor along the Emerald Trail. This garden will not only provide a beneficial habitat for pollinators, but will also play a role in beautifying the trail.

Current and future Green Team will play a large role in maintaining the pollinator garden.

On November 13th, the Green Team will be taking a trip to the Jacksonville Arboretum with the Sierra Club's Bill Armstrong. Bill will walk the teens through a guided tour of the Arboretum, highlighting facts on some of the most overlooked pollinators: bats! This adventure at the Arboretum will be open for family and friends to attend