Creeks Rising Exhibit by Artist Doug at the Jessie

Benefiting Groundwork Jacksonville February 1 through April 24, 2023

Free and Open to the Public Weekdays 9AM ā€“ 5PM

The Jessie located at 40 East Adams Street

One can live in Jacksonville a lifetime without noticing the two urban tributaries of the St Johns River traversing the city. These creeks remain free flowing despite historical encumbrances of industry and our attempts to contain, restrict, re-route, and minimize their existence.

The story of these creeks follows the growth and decline of downtown Jacksonville and the attitudes and priorities of its leaders. What we see today is the outcome of many decades of public policy, commercial interests, and the resilience of nature to return to an un-altered state.

But the tides are changing. Work is already underway by Groundwork Jacksonville and the City of Jacksonville, to restore the creeks to a more natural channel design, reduce flooding, improve water quality, create habitat for fish and wildlife and provide access for kayaking and other recreation along the Emerald Trail.

About the Artist

A JacksonvilleĀ native and resident, Doug Eng is a photographer and installation artist whose visual interests are urban and natural landscapes. An engineer and software programmer by education and trade, Eng is pursuing a lifelong interest in the visual arts and has established a reputation for unique imagery and meaningful public projects. Engā€™s recent projects focus on raising awareness of social and environmental issues – redlining, urban renewal, deforestation, and the effects of climate change on the health of our forests.Ā  Learn more







The exhibit is generously underwritten by Groundwork Jacksonville supporters JoAnn Tredennick and Jack Meeks