Our Board of Directors

<b>JoAnn Tredennick,</b>
<i>Board Chair</i><br>J. Properties II, LLC <br>
FL Chapter The Nature Conservancy
JoAnn Tredennick, Board Chair
J. Properties II, LLC
FL Chapter The Nature Conservancy
<b>Dave Roman</b>, <i>Secretary</i><br>Retired, Former Senior Policy Advisor<br>to Mayor Alvin Brown
Dave Roman, Secretary
Retired, Former Senior Policy Advisor
to Mayor Alvin Brown
<b>Kristina Nelson </b><br>
<i>Vice Chair</i><br>
 Attorney - Finger, Nelson & Maguire
Kristina Nelson
Vice Chair
Attorney - Finger, Nelson & Maguire
<b>Deborah A. Martin Johnson, CPA, MBA</b><br>
<i>Finance Committee Chair</i><br>
Sole Practitioner
Deborah A. Martin Johnson, CPA, MBA
Finance Committee Chair
Sole Practitioner
<b>James Dobson</b>, <i>Treasurer</i><br>
Past Interim Chair, Dept. of Physiology <br>Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School
James Dobson, Treasurer
Past Interim Chair, Dept. of Physiology
Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School
<b>John Burr </b><br>
WJCT Business Analyst<br> Retired Journalist
John Burr
WJCT Business Analyst
Retired Journalist
<b>Ennis Davis</b> <br>Senior Planner<br> Alfred Benesch & Co.<br>Urban Planner, Historian, Advocate
Ennis Davis
Senior Planner
Alfred Benesch & Co.
Urban Planner, Historian, Advocate
<b>Ann-Marie Knight </b><br>
 VP Community Engagement <br>and Chief Diversity Officer
<br>UF Health Jacksonville
Ann-Marie Knight
VP Community Engagement
and Chief Diversity Officer
UF Health Jacksonville
<b>Steve Swann</b><br>
City Engineer<br> City of Atlantic Beach, Fla<br>
Steve Swann
City Engineer
City of Atlantic Beach, Fla
<b>John Delaney</b><br>
Shareholder, Rogers Towers<br>
Former President UNF<br>
Former Mayor of Jacksonville
John Delaney
Shareholder, Rogers Towers
Former President UNF
Former Mayor of Jacksonville
<b>George Spencer C.P.A., P.A.,</b>
<br>Law Office of George A. Spencer, P.L.
George Spencer C.P.A., P.A.,
Law Office of George A. Spencer, P.L.
<b>Jeff Foster</b> <br>
City of Jacksonville, Public Works<br> Environmental Coordinator
Jeff Foster
City of Jacksonville, Public Works
Environmental Coordinator
<b>Kerri Stewart </b><br>
 VP Business Analytics <br>and Strategic Initiatives
<br>Miller Electric
Kerri Stewart
VP Business Analytics
and Strategic Initiatives
Miller Electric