McCoys Creek Phase 1


Construction of Phase I of the project began in June 2021 including the permanent closure McCoys Creek Boulevard from Cherokee Street to Margaret Street. The King Street Bridge is currently closed for construction of a wider, longer, higher structure including pedestrian and bicycle lanes. Phase 1 is expected to be complete in late 2024.


Foot bridge along the Emerald Trail

Conceptual design of King and Stockton Street bridges. Bridges will be raised and reconstructed with sidewalks, bike paths and railings that honor the current iconic design. Click image to enlarge.

Cul-de-sacs with new trees, landscaping, lighting and sidewalks will be constructed at the end of Sunshine, Leland, Crystal, Smith and Broward streets where they now intersect with McCoys Creek Boulevard. Click image to enlarge.

Lastly, the Emerald Trail will be constructed along McCoys Creek connecting the North Riverside neighborhood to downtown as well as the St. Johns River and other historic urban neighborhoods. Click image to enlarge.

Conceptual design of cul-de-sac
Conceptual design of cul-de-sac