Groundwork Jacksonville is committed to the process of community engagement which we define as: reaching out to and bringing together members of the community, and involving them collaboratively in visioning, advocating, shaping and implementing projects, programs and activities.

We work to engage residents and business owners who are most personally affected by the issue we are working to address, and ensure they have a seat at the table where decisions are being made that affect their quality of life.

Our aim is to establish a do โ€œwithโ€ versus a do โ€œforโ€ relationship with citizens along the Emerald Trail. We do this through neighborhood canvassing, surveys, focus groups, listening sessions, attending community meetings and events, and one-on-one conversations. Our community engagement process is shaped by four over-arching goals:

  1. Assess the needs, strengths and skills of community members and stakeholders. Understand how they are affected by the issue we are addressing.
  2. Build trust between residents, stakeholders and GWJax by being transparent with intentions regarding issues and proposed solutions.
  3. Develop community pride and ownership.
  4. Cultivate and develop community leaders.

For more information on Groundwork’s Community Engagement efforts, please contact Gloria McNair, Manager, Community Engagement & Equity at 904.472.7167.