McCoys Creek

The Restoration Project

Within the economically vulnerable McCoys Creek watershed, dozens of roads, homes and businesses flood during even normal rainfall events. The creek was channelized and bulkheaded years ago which allowed development in flood-prone areas and destroyed the nearby floodplain and wetlands along with critical habitat for plants, fish and wildlife.

The City of Jacksonville has committed $105.4 million to remedy McCoys Creek flooding, create neighborhood-friendly spaces, improve recreational opportunity, and protect the environment.

While keeping citizens safe from flooded roads and polluted flood waters is the highest priority, the City’s plan also includes returning McCoys Creek to the beautiful neighborhood amenity it once was. That is why the City is working with nonprofit partner Groundwork Jacksonville on a McCoys Creek restoration plan that is intended to clean the water, create more natural habitat for birds, fish and wildlife, and provide parks, trails and access for creek recreation.

This is also an important neighborhood beautification project that will provide opportunities for recreation and enjoying nature.

  • Trees and native plants
  • Landscaping, lighting and benches
  • Picturesque green spaces
  • Neighborhood sidewalks and trails
  • Underground litter collection
  • Connections to the Emerald Trail
  • Open views and access to McCoys Creek
  • Future planned amenities